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Amani Massage & Yoga is a healing arts approach dedicated to establishing awareness thru various movement therapies. We offer classes in Anusara Yoga, founded by John Friend, Pilates, Feldenkrais and Anatomy of Movement. In addition, we offer massage therapies that integrates this knowledge in the practice of massage.

Our purpose is to help individuals discover new possibilities and explore more options for movement and health. We strive to create a safe compassionate environment for the student to investigate, experiment, learn and grow. If you are wondering how to manifest we have resources for that as well.

Our commitment to studying movement potential is not in the attainment of perfect form but in the exploration of options. Understanding function, developing new patterns with a neuromuscular level that promotes skeletal alignment and freedom. We offer these practices as a means of deepening self-awareness, opening to grace and allowing the rhythms underlying all primary patterns of movement to harmonize. It is from this center, this practice, this core, that we surrender. Now, if you were wondering about yoga in napa then check out that video.

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